Tablet-based task battery

The START project introduces a novel tablet-based task battery to help detect children who are at risk of having an autism spectrum condition (ASC). Many children with ASC in low-resource settings do not get a timely diagnosis, thus creating a 'detection gap'. This task battery, designed to be administered by non-specialist community health workers, aims to address this detection gap.


The app is designed to be scalable for different languages. It is currently available in two languages: English and Hindi.

Highly intuitive and engaging

The task battery is simple and easy to use, designed for minimally trained community health workers.

Harnesses latest technology

The app collects sophisticated data on eye-movements to measure visual preference and attention.

Precise Motor Responses

The app records high-resolution motor responses from children playing simple games, through inbuilt sensors.

Hybrid Parental Interview Methods

The app has in-built features to customise questionnaires, interviews and free play observations.